Repairers Lien and Warehouse Lien Enforcement

Contractual repossession - Elite Bailiff Services

When a customer refuses to pay for their vehicle repairs it deprives the garage owner, repair shop and mechanics of their fees for services, supplies and skills. Elite Bailiff Services of Surrey has extensive knowledge and experience in the seizure of vehicles, boats, and equipment, their storage, and their sale, to assist you in recovering your fees.

Clients failing to pay their storage fees create losses for warehousers and storage facility operators. Elite Bailiff Services will step in to seize vehicles, goods and chattels, and arrange for their storage. We manage the sale of recovered assets at their best value, to assist you in collecting monies owed.

Elite Bailiff Services runs two secure storage lots to safely store all types of motor vehicles, boats, heavy equipment, trailers, furnishings and more. Recovered assets are cleaned and detailed to obtain their highest value, then made broadly viewable to the public, online, and in person at our Langley lot.

Example of assets we seize, store and sell

  • Motor vehicles, heavy trucks and trailers, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles
  • Boats, jet skis, and other watercrafts
  • Home or office equipment, electronics and furniture
  • Heavy equipment, forestry equipment, and industrial equipment

When you have a client refusing to pay for repairs, or defaulting on storage fees, Elite Bailiff Services are professionally trained to assist you in recouping your losses. We are fully equipped to quickly move, store, and sell assets, from garages, repair shops, warehouses and other storage facilities, to help you recover the maximum amount from defaulting clients.

For quick, professional assistance in collecting on storage liens, contact Elite Bailiff Services for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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