Elite Bailiff Services of Surrey has experienced, knowledgeable bailiffs situated all over British Columbia to provide quick, thorough service to those looking to enforce their rights by law. From transportation and storage of recovered assets to managing online and in-person sales we help you recoup the money you’re owed. We work with the best bailiffs in the industry, extending our reach across North America.

Asset Recovery

The Personal Property Security Act protects you in the event someone can’t or won’t pay their debt to you. We secure, store and sell the debtor’s collateral to assist you in recovering what you’re owed.

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Commercial Rent Distress

When rent falls into arrears, you’re entitled to distraint to cover your costs. We will repossess property, change the locks, and recover assets, professionally and ethically.

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Repair & Storage Liens

The Repairers Lien Act and Warehouse Lien Act give you the right to recover your losses when a client refuses to pay for repairs or defaults on storage fees. We seize vehicles, goods and chattels and can sell them to help to get your money back.

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Sales, Storage & Disposal of Assets

We have full-service facilities to transport, store and sell recovered assets. Sales are geared to attain maximum value to help you recoup your losses.

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