Recovering value from seized assets

Sales, storage, & disposal of assets

Elite Bailiff Service of Surrey seizes many kinds of assets during the enforcement of PPSAs, Commercial Rent distress, Repairers liens and Warehousers liens. We manage the processing of these assets, from their transportation and storage, right through to their sale and return of value back to you.

We can arrange for the shipping of all assets. Recovered assets are stored in one of our two large, fenced lots in Alberta or Langley. Heated dry storage can be provided in our 14,000 square foot warehouse. Our fenced yard and warehouse are equipped with a video security system, a loading bay that can accommodate highway trailers, and a ramp for smaller vehicles. A forklift is available for loading and unloading. Guard dogs are on duty 24 hours a day to further secure our premises.

We provide web-based marketing through our website. Customers are able to be auto notified regarding assets as they are posted to the website. Our Langley location is open to the public 6 days of the week to allow viewing and retail sales of assets. Cleaning and detailing of assets is provided as required to maximize return at the time of sale. We pursue insurance claim recovery on vehicle assets to provide enhanced resale value.

Steps in recovering the most value from seized assets

  • Arrange transportation of assets from anywhere to our lots.
  • Recovered assets are stored in our lot or warehouse, secured by fencing, video surveillance and guard dogs.
  • Assets are cleaned and prepped for sale to maximize their resale value.
  • Assets are marketed to the public, online through our website, and in person at our Langley lot.

When dealing with delinquent accounts, you need to minimize your losses. Elite Bailiff Services will place liens on your behalf if necessary, track and seize all kinds of assets, transport and store them, and finally, sell them for maximum profit to assist you in recovering your fees.

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